Aruba : why it's called the Happy Island

Image Aruba : why it's called the Happy Island

Located southwest of the Lesser Antilles, off the coast of Venezuela, the island of Aruba is definitely a destination of choice for lovers of heat, snorkeling, turquoise water and lazing on the beach. As you land on this Dutch paradise island, you will first be impressed by its desert side, while cactus are ubiquitous, from the beach to the plains. In addition, with the warm friendly welcome of its people, it is not for nothing that the island is so loved by all who have been there.

Reasons to succumb to Aruba

Here are 5 reasons why you should go for this "One Happy Island", the official saying of Aruba. ­

  1. Eat fish both feet in the sea: Definitely one of the most beautiful restaurants on the island, the Flying Fishbone has thought of everything to make your evenings memorable. Both feet in the sand! ­
  2. Swimming in a natural pool: The natural swimming pool of Conchi, in the heart of Arikok National Park, is one of Aruba's most popular attractions. ­
  3. Do yoga on SUP: very popular, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) yoga has also reached the island of Aruba, happening at weekends as well as Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Vela Surf Center, located on Palm Beach. ­
  4. Enjoy the lazing on the beach of Arashi: Among the most beautiful beaches of Aruba, that of Arashi is calm and has managed to retain its wild appearance. A good way to get a little more tranquility, just minutes from the very touristy Palm Beach, in the borough of Noord. ­
  5. Enjoy the sunsets during the "happy hour": Every evening, at sunset, the small beach bars come alive and offer different specialties. Take the opportunity to choose one on a dock, a very popular concept in the corner of Palm Beach.

The spots to try during the "Happy Hour": ­

  • The Bugaloe: That offers different animated evenings every night. Prices are reasonable and the cocktail menu is diverse. Between 5.00pm and 6.00pm, the waiters indulge in karaoke! ­
  • The Pelican Nest: One of the most popular places for tourists, this small complex (shop, bar, restaurant) located on the pier of Pelican also offers different specials for the aperitif, in a reggae and a local vibe. ­
  • Moomba: With its tables directly in the sand and a DJ every night, this is definitely where you can stretch the 5 to 7. They offer good specials on beer during the "Happy Hour". And to book or get directions from its corners of paradise, visit eDreams on travel website.

Bonus: How to live in Aruba?

The all-inclusive formula is not the only option Aruba offers on eDreams. On the contrary, the best way to discover this little paradise is definitely by renting a home and a car. Thus, you will be free to venture everywhere on your own to discover this little paradise.

Several offers are still very affordable for this increasingly popular destination, including Wacamaya units, located a few meters from Palm Beach. Obviously, with an off-road vehicle, you will be able to discover everything!